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Alice X. Z. - Living Rainbow Taking Flight

Living Rainbow Taking Flight
by techgnotic
The vibrant digital paintings of alicexz are fiery, emotional, and incredibly memorable.
The colors of her creations (mostly portraits of popular TV and Film characters) are unusually vibrant, which is remarkable considering how layered they appear to be. It’s sort of like what manga characters might look like if painted by one of the Dutch Masters. And this artist exhibits just the right amount of quirkiness to leave us wanting to know more: she has a penchant for painting redheads. But, then of course, there’s a lot of red and golden fire burning through most her artworks.

:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 2,957 1,469
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My Tevene Reference
Katie's Almost Totally Made-Up Arcanum Tevene Dictonary:
***Major Edit- I've seperated nouns, verbs, adjectives/adverbs/conjunctions/prepositions and pronouns into their own documents.  It's easier to find a section this way, and you can open up several windows for your dialogue crafting.***  Check my gallery for the other sections.
I've tossed out the "mordoi deid" and "degit" sentences from the Dragon Age Wiki because they don't sound right.  Languages follow patterns, and after picking apart those sentences along with Fenris' utterances, etc, they just don't fit.  And since I've been unable to find any mention of the entry elsewhere that would indicate a canon/Bioware origin, I've chosen to throw out the bad and make my own stuff.  :D  I'm still debating whether or not to throw out the –ud/-d endings etc.... but I like the feel of them- they give the language a distinct character,
:iconkatiebour:katiebour 45 10
Tevene Nouns
Nouns (fem):
(Some nouns are masculine, some feminine, some can be either i.e. dog vs. bitch)
victoria- victory
damma- gazelle
pluia- rain
nubia- marriage
eluvia- flood
matria- mother
matricula- mother, affectionately.
sorora- sister
parvula- little one, child (fem)
dia- day
umbra- shadow/silence/dark
tora- door/gateway/goal
alla- other girl/woman
adora- my love (fem)
reina- queen
aqua- water
anima- life, soul, intellect, feelings, heart, courage, character, pride
re- thing, it
re na- nothing
dore – shame
dore na – no shame/pride
alle- other boy/man
adore- my love (masc)
omne- everything, all, every, in the end
ore- mouth
mortis- death
praesidis- protection
canis – dog
valis – strength
mensis- month
veris- truth
fervis- fervor/heat
parvulis- little one, child (masc)
finis- end
patris- father
fratris- brother
dis- god
tis- fear
di- gods
alli- others
ti- fear
:iconkatiebour:katiebour 11 0
Leaena by GerryArthur Leaena :icongerryarthur:GerryArthur 1,025 13



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